Diep Vu was established in October 2009. The first export was made to the UK in January 2010. The company started with 79 employees and 5 production lines. Today we have over 1000 employees working for Diep Vu and maintain a total of 28 production lines. In the last 5 years we have grown from a small company to a global supplier of work wear.

Currently Diep Vu produces garments with inherent flame retardant properties (Aramides) and also blends that have been treated to achieve Flame Retardant properties. A work wear garment is not complete without the best accessories available to withstand the most demanding industrial laundry requirements. Whether the end user is a dentist, a pilot, or an offshore oil rig worker, we can offer the optimal protection.

Fabric is the key to producing durable work wear. For over 20 years we have been working with reliable partners both in South East Asia, Europe, Australia and The United States.

The range of fabrics we offer is wide, yet unique and tailored to the end user requirements, both in T/C , CVC and other compositions.

Corporate social responsibility

The worker is the single most valuable asset to the company.

We go to great lengths to ensure Diep Vu is a safe happy place to work, one where career paths are well defined and where continuous training programs deliver new work skills and life skills.

Our membership of Sedex , BSCI and Flocert demonstrates to the market our commitment to the workforce.

Our Vision

“To be a Responsible & Evolving Company Supporting our Customers & Community through Innovation & Involvement”

Our Values

  • Mutual Trust & Respect

  • Safety

  • Learning Organization

  • Fun at Work

Our Mission

  • Quality Consciousness

  • Transparency at all levels

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Innovative Leadership

  • Technological Innovations

  • Empowering Associates