Quality is not only a function of workmanship, at Diep Vu we take pride in our ability to source raw material worldwide that will meet the specific end user requirement. A quarter century of fabric research has helped us provide the right fabric,consistently and at the right price.

Much of our product is destined for industrial laundries, our white fabric is designed to outperform all other fabrics for brilliance and whiteness retention, which is achieved by using only mature long staple cotton in combination with a unique polyester fibre that has inherent whiteness permanently locked in.

The brightness is retained after the most extended wash and wear cycles, presenting the highly professional image and scrupulously hygienic appearance demanded by the food service industry and other sectors requiring exceptionally white garments.

For extra security, garments can also be customised to identify which wearers are allowed to work in specific areas, or to maintain segregation of garments used in different processing areas. Garments are immediately available from stock, making it easy to respond to any need for top-ups or increased seasonal demands.

Our garments will always comply with the latest standards of hygiene and meet the highest expectations of long service.

Most garments have been independently tested for high temperature laundering and have been fully certified by the fabric manufacturers.